YouTube fashion vlogger goes on tour of Japan – and so can you! 【Video】

Does taking an eight-day vacation across Japan sound like a dream come true to you? Well then the first thing you should do is apply to have RocketNews24 make that dream actually come true.

The second thing you should do is watch the video recently posted by YouTube fashion vlogger Inthefrow which documents an eight-day vacation she and nine other bloggers were invited to go on. The best part of it all though: the exact trip they went on is available to anyone (even you!), and it’s good to have a backup plan just in case you don’t get picked in our own contest.

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10 car names Japanese bloggers think are funny to foreigners (and 8 that actually are!)

As a teenager,  I spent hours playing racing games on our PlayStation, trying to elicit compliments from the miniskirted race queen in Rage Racer or trying to smash all my brother’s records in Gran Turismo. One thing that bugged me in these games was the goofy car names: Rage Racer’s fictional Lizard Hijack truck is as clumsily-named as it is boxy (maybe the bed was full of kidnapped chameleons?) Gran Turismo features real-life Subaru Impreza WRX TypeR STi, which is always annoying to read. I guess they want to say it’ll ‘imprez ya,’ but if it’s got an STI, you might need some antibiotics afterwards.

It turns out I’m not the only one who finds Japanese car names strange and amusing. The search term “funny Japanese car names” is so common that Japanese bloggers are writing about the names that the English-speaking world is talking about. The funniest part is often that the bloggers don’t quite understand why they’re funny, over-explaining a joke that wasn’t there.

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