Four junior high school boys admit to pushing two people fishing off of a breakwater in Osaka

“We wanted to enjoy watching their drowning faces” was part of their motive.

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Retractable Tsunami Breaker Construction and First Test Underway off Coast of Wakayama

Late last year we reported on the development of a completely new kind of breakwater to prevent a tsunami from hitting the coast with its full might.  Unlike other breakwaters that would otherwise hinder sea transportation and the aesthetics of the ocean, these remain at the ocean floor until called upon.

If a tsunami warning is in effect then they can rise up in a matter of minutes and disrupt the coming wave. On 28 March the first nine-meter segment of this system was constructed and successfully tested. Here is some video of the test.

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Japan Set to Erect 7.5 Meter Middle Finger Salute to Incoming Tsunamis

Needless to say, Japan has had their fill of Tsunamis.  After the devastation of the 11 March Tohoku earth quake, the nation would like to give a huge FU to any future tsunami coming our way.

And so, three huge Japanese contractors are working on a special surprise for the next tsunami that tries to hit the shores of Wakayama prefecture in the form of a gigantic steel column. If successful it would be so poetically beautiful… if the Japanese only knew the beauty of the middle finger.

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