“We wanted to enjoy watching their drowning faces” was part of their motive.

Between 6 – 7 a.m. on September 19, four 12- and 13-year-old male junior high school students shoved two people who were fishing, one after the other, from a breakwater located in Osaka Prefecture’s Mokuzai district of Kishiwada City and Tadaoka into the sea. Both victims were also natives of Osaka; the first was a 13-year-old male student from Izumi City, and the second was a 56-year-old company employee from Yao City. While the two of them were able to climb back onto the breakwater by themselves, the latter sustained a lower back injury which took two weeks to completely heal.

On the 30th, prefectural police reported that they had taken the boys into protective custody and sent three of them to a child consultation center. Their acts of assault was caught on a local convenience store security camera and all of them have admitted their roles in the crime, testifying, “We wanted to enjoy watching the moment they fell into the sea and their surprised and drowning faces.”

Sources: Sankei West via Hamusoku
Top image: Flickr/chuo_i ci