Osaka ward first governmental body in Japan to officially declare support for LGBT community

Though attitudes towards the LGBT community in Japan are difficult to pin down, it’s not uncommon to find that the average citizen is unaware that such a community even exists. While popular writer and talk-show host Matsuko Deluxe has done a lot to push LGBT issues into the spotlight, there are still many hurdles for sexual minorities in Japan to overcome. However, one municipal government in Osaka is taking charge of the situation by officially declaring their support for the LGBT community!

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This Japanese LGBT Poster Might Be Slightly Biased

The poster you see above was recently shared on Japanese internet message board 2channel and appears to be aimed at raising awareness of sexual minorities among in Japan, with the slogan “love takes many forms” written at the top right corner.

Those of you with a keen eye for detail may have noticed that while the straight and lesbian couples are portrayed as vibrant anime characters with no particularly distinctive features, the gay couple is depicted as a burly mass of stereotype.

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China’s First Public Gay Wedding: One Small Step for LGBT Rights, One Giant Party in the Streets of Fuzhou

Earlier this month, Liu Wangqiang and Lu Zhong, two men in their twenties, celebrated their marriage in the streets of Fuzhou with a few friends and over a thousand assorted well-wishers.  That’s not to say that China is one big Pride Parade by any stretch.

There has been a considerable number of opposing views on China’s Twitter, Weibo and even the Fuzhou government strongly opposed this ceremony.  Adding in the fact that this marriage isn’t legal, it all makes one wonder why anyone would be against these guys.

China and every other East Asian country lacks the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western countries, yet same-sex marriage is, strangely, officially frowned upon.  It’s a mystery that’s always puzzled me since moving to Japan.

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Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) has recently announced that they will offer weddings for same-sex couples, including the option to hold the ceremony at the iconic Cinderella’s castle. It seems that Disney really does make dreams come true, at least for one gay couple. Read More

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