Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) has recently announced that they will offer weddings for same-sex couples, including the option to hold the ceremony at the iconic Cinderella’s castle. It seems that Disney really does make dreams come true, at least for one gay couple.

In March, the hotels at TDL announced that a new wedding package would be sold from September, in which the lucky couple could say “I do” at Cinderella’s castle. Tokyo resident Koyuki Higashi, a lesbian involved in Japan’s gay rights movement, inquired whether same-sex couples would be allowed to purchase the package. Currently, same-sex marriages are not legal in Japan.

Initially, the hotels responded that they could, so long as one person dressed as a bride and one as a groom. They were concerned that other park-goers might be upset to see two people in wedding dresses or tuxedos.

Higashi then tweeted about the experience and her disappointment with Disney. The tweet quickly made the rounds, and a week later, the hotels reversed their position after checking with Disney’s head office in America. Gay couples can now get married in the happiest place on earth and wearing whatever they please! Higashi again tweeted Disney’s response, saying “Let’s hear it for this step in the right direction!”

According to a representative of the hotels, “Although same-sex marriages do not have any legal status is Japan, we have decided that holding a ceremony should still be possible.”

In Japan, there are not many businesses that are friendly towards sexual minorities. That Disney would take this stance publicly and formally is hugely meaningful,” commented Higashi. Her girlfriend, Hiroko, agreed, saying, “I think they are anticipating some complaints, but I’m so happy that they went ahead anyway.”

On the 5th, Higashi and Hiroko visited TDL to show their appreciation, and when they told Mickey the good news, he raised his arms in the traditional banzai celebration with them.

Source: Yahoo