Finally, We Can Breathe Easy: Bacteria-Emitting Scourge of Office—the Photocopier—Finally Conquered by Sharp Electronics!

Your office keyboard- home to tens of thousands of bacteria; telephone handsets- veritable filth stations; door-handles- too hideous to even think about! And then there’s that photocopier; sitting there in the corner of the room, millions of bacteria swarming about it, lunging for officer workers’ throats whenever they get within a few feet. No one is safe from its field of infection!

(This, ladies and gentlemen, is British sarcasm. Or ‘humour’, as we like to call it back home.)

Japanese electronics giant Sharp Corporation, hot on the heels of the success of their Plasma-cluster Ion-equipped refrigerators, humidifiers, washing machines and the like, has launched a new line of office-use photocopiers that include their patented technology.

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