The perfect accessory for when you want to come home and pretend you’re not an adult, but still look cool.

When it comes to relaxing after work or on the weekends, you can’t go wrong with wearing a onesie. To be snuggly warm and enveloped in softness from head to toe all day long and to look great while doing it, well, isn’t that the dream?

And when it comes to onesies, you’ve gotta pick an animal one. You can always go super cute, but if that’s not your style, you might like Japanese fashion and accessory brand Felissimo’s realistic animal onesies.

These onesies come in three varieties–bear, wolf, and polar bear–but they are not your usual cute and brightly-colored onesies with big eyes and ears. No, these are super realistic! They’re designed look like real fur, almost as if you actually become the animal when you put them on. Just look at the back of the wolf onesie! It looks like the furry body of a real wolf (bonus freaky points if you have long hair like the model!).

Add on to that the face masks, which are not hoods but actual pull-over masks, complete with 3-D noses ears on top. They also have tails that wag as you walk and even paw pads on the hands, so these onesies go all in.

Plus, they’re designed for maximum comfort. The material may look thin, but the inside is actually super soft and woolly, so these would be perfect to have on hand for the coming winter. And though they don’t have feet, the cuffs close tightly at the ankle, so if you wear long socks with them, you won’t have to worry about feeling a draft.

▼ “The inside is soft and fully and waaaarm~”

These onesies regularly sell for 18,360 yen (US$170), but they’re currently on sale for more than half off at 7,344 yen, so if you want one, order today before the sale ends! You can find them at Felissimo’s online shop, where you can also buy other adorable animal-themed products like the Kitty Crepe Omelette bed and Shiba Inu peekaboo towels.

If you’re planning to pick up one of these onesies, you might want to pair it with some hyperrealistic animal socks…if you’re going to do it, better commit fully!

Images: Felissimo
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