zettai ryoiki

Leg-lovers will be pleased to know that Japanese artist Yuria is continuing her foray into the world of thighs.

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These remote-controlled robot arms are the perfect complement to any skirt!

Who knew awesome fashion could be so functional!

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Absolute territory for ponytails just might be Japan’s newest pinpoint fetish

Sometimes, you can’t help but be impressed with the laser-like precision shown by admirers of the female form in Japan. Take, for example, the county’s fascination with zettai ryoiki. While it literally means “absolute territory,” it actually refers to the strip of exposed skin on the upper thighs between the top of knee-high socks and the hem of a skirt or shorts, and the less-is-more approach to sexiness that some find more effective than just showing off the whole leg with a plain old miniskirt of pair of short shorts.

As appreciation of zettai ryoiki has spread, we’ve seen a number of variations, including its equivalents in men’s and robot fashion. Now, zettai ryoiki is expanding into untested territory, with one artist’s proposal of what constitutes ponytail absolute territory.

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