In soccer, the goalkeeper is the essence of defense. No matter what happens elsewhere on the field, you have to get it past the keeper, and that’s no easy task.

Or, it shouldn’t be easy. With the help of Youtube, keeper Virgil Vries of the Golden Arrows of the South African soccer league showed the world a new way to allow your team to score on itself.

Vries was poised and ready to kick a mild backpass from one of his own defenders up the middle of the field, but he took a misstep and collapsed to the turf. The ball squirted through his flailing legs and bounded into the goal. Vries lay there splayed out on the sod, eyes heavenward and begging for forgiveness.

The whole scene is captured perfectly on the Youtube video entitled, “MOEMISH – Vigril Vries Goalkeeper Blunder vs Amazulu,” and the video has earned well over one million views.

By the by, the Golden Arrows lost to Amazulu, 2-1. Ouch.

Source: Youtube Channel MattMzansi
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