Smartphone? Check. Digital camera? Check. Electronic dictionary? Check. Chargers and cords for all of the above? Check. Hope of finding them amidst the mess they will undoubtedly become in your handbag? Uncheck.

We are carrying more and more electronic products around with us these days, and it gets tougher and tougher to find them in our bags and untangle them from each other. It’s like untangling Christmas lights, except what used to be reserved for one day a year is now happening almost every day.

The GRID-IT purports to solve this problem with rubber bands arranged horizontally and vertically across its pocket-less surface. The idea is to stick devices and cords inside the bands and secure them in place for easy access and peace of mind. The GRID-IT allows even the most unorganized people to find what they’re looking for easily, eliminating the minutes spent digging around for that item they know they put in there before leaving the house.

I managed to pack a mobile phone, iPod Touch, wireless router, digital camera, battery, charger and the cords for each into a single GRID-IT. It felt so good to reach into my bag and find exactly what I was looking for without any trouble. I was also able to charge two of the devices without taking them out of the GRID-IT, which cleared space on my desk as well as in my bag.

The GRID-IT makes a great stocking-stuffer and might help with those post-holiday cleanup blues. Having one in your own bag will make your bag look and function like it should!

Pictures: RocketNews24
References: cocoonGRID-IT
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