Take on this 2 on 2 dribble battle with the pros and earn some cash while you’re at it.

Despite Japan’s defeat at the hands of the Polish, the country’s soccer team has advanced into the next rounds of the World Cup, kicking off a nationwide soccer fever.

Riding on the sports wave that’s taken over the nation, sports equipment company ASICS has put out an official challenge to the public in the form of a 2 vs 2 soccer exhibition match against Japanese professional players.

Takashi Inui, an attacking midfielder who plays for Spanish club Real Betis, will be teaming up with Yuya Osako, a forward in German club FC Cologne. Both will be wearing their new trademark shoes, the DS Light X-Fly 3 Inui White and the DS Light X-Fly 3SL Osako Red.

▼ Have you got what it takes to stop these two fearsome players?


Applying is a simple affair of following the Twitter account of the job search service @weban, retweeting the campaign advertisement above, then filling up your particulars on the website here.

The following requirements for candidates were posted on the official campaign website:

● Experience, age, and sex will not be factored into screening.
● Able to dribble deftly like Inui.
● Able to strategize as well as Osako.
● Able to maintain the spirit of fair play.
● Excel in communication and soccer duels.

▼ Let us know if you manage to get in.

Recruitment lasts until 8 July, with a total of 24 participants (12 teams of two) chosen from a pool of potential candidates to take on the dream duo. The six-hour long exhibition match — likely to be televised — is expected to be held between mid July to early August in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Lucky participants will have all travel expenses paid for on top of receiving autographed ASICS goods. Not only will they get to rub elbows with two of the most outstanding Japanese soccer players in the world, they’ll also be handsomely compensated with 50,000 yen (US$450) and a bonus of 10,000 yen should they manage to snatch the ball away from Inui and Osako.

With a free vacation, nice prizes, and a chance to appear on TV, why not give it a try? Seems like a better deal than being the receiving end of a soccer ball for four hours straight.

Source: Soccer King, Ancho Baito via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@weban
Insert image: Pakutaso