“Gourmet” fans, add Ikebukuro Station to your list of stops for fine fare. Platform 3/4 for the Tobu Tojo Line, to be exact. HOT DOG 59 is the name, hot dogs are their game.

Folks in gourmet circles rave about these sizzling sausages available only at this single location. HOT DOG 59 spares no expense on the quality of the buns and dogs, said to be a step above New York’s famed red hots.

The fluffy, soft buns cradle sausages about to burst with juicy meat, and just one bite will send you through the stratosphere and into a happier dimension. Take plenty of napkins to mop up the wonderful, meaty juice that pours forth from the perfect casing.

HOT DOG 59 features many different kinds of dogs, including the Salsa Dog for those looking for a spicy taste, and the 59 Dog and Cheese Dog, pictured below.

News of the delicious dogs is spreading like wildfire, and the store is gaining an impressive cadre of fans. People are purposely routing their commutes through Ikebukuro just to enjoy 12 inches of pure carnivorous bliss.

A couple caveats: Plan an early lunch, as HOT DOG 59 often sells out well before closing time. The stand is inside the JR gates, so arrive on JR or buy the platform access ticket to . . . well . . . access the platform. It’s worth it!

Hot Dog Buffs Clean Out Ikebukuro Station Stand Early, Often (Japanese)


Address: Tokyo, Toyoshima-ku, Minami-Ikebukuro 1-28-2, JR Ikebukuro Station, Platform 3/4

Hours: 7:00–22:00 weekdays / 7:00–20:00 weekends and holidays

Pictures: RocketNews24

Correspondent: Kuzo

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