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And now, due to popular demand, we have the taste test you’ve all been waiting for: the King’s Dog from Burger King. Ever since news of the hot dog offering from the fast food burger chain was released, we’d been anticipating its arrival. Boasting an extra-large sausage 2.5 times the thickness of a regular Burger King hot dog, we bought one of each to really see how the King’s Dog weighs up.

Here are the things that struck us during our taste excursion into the dog-eat-dog world:

1. Looks can be deceiving

When we first laid eyes on the wrapped-up package we weren’t overly impressed. Next to the regular classic dog, the difference wasn’t as great as we had hoped. Burger King had advertised this as containing five times more meat, but first impressions made it appear only marginally bigger.


2. The sausage sure is thick

We’re so used to being deceived by large and glossy meal servings in fast food advertising campaigns that when we find the real-thing is a small, watered-down version we’re disappointed but hardly surprised. So when we pulled the hot dog from its package, we were seriously impressed; the sausage was so big the bun could hardly contain it.


3. It makes your regular hot dog look weeny by comparison

The regular Classic Dog almost looks as if it’s just a bun with sauce, mustard and pickles. You wouldn’t even know there was a sausage hiding in there. The King’s Dog, however, proudly announces itself, jutting out from the bun as the centrepiece of the display. Behold!




4. Female customers beware

When we got down to business and starting eating the dog it was an absolute mouthful. The sauce went everywhere and we had to really open our mouthes to get around it. This isn’t one for dainty ladies to tackle in public. It’s probably best to save the King’s Dog for the privacy of your own home if you care at all about how you look while you eat it.


All in all, the taste wasn’t that different from the regular Classic Dog. The sausage flavour did stand out a lot more, but the fun was in seeing the enormous sausage and chomping down on it.

While the taste test wasn’t hard, the challenge was in writing a classy, out-of-the-gutter review…

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