While the dog you owned in your childhood may have been a total idiot that barked at its own farts, super smart dogs aren’t all that uncommon, and the Internet has done a beautiful job of giving us a one-stop shop for viewing all the glorious tricks and people-things canines are capable of.

Some dogs on the Internet are so smart, in fact, it’s hard to tell who is the owner and who is the pet. Such as this jogging man with casually Segway-riding dog that was spotted in China recently.

Maybe it’s the fact the jogging human is actually running slightly behind Segway dog, as though Segway dog is actually leading the way, but these pictures almost look like scenes from a lame new Planet of the Apes dog-themed spinoff.



It’s both adorable and somewhat frightening that the dog – whose facial expression seems to suggest he’s having the time of his life – stands on the Segway just as a human would with seemingly no instruction; paws hooked over the handlebars and feet placed firmly on the Segway’s platform.

While these kind of hilarious photos raise so many more questions than answers, and it is slightly off-putting and surreal to see a dog using man-made tools like it’s no big deal, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want a pooch like this for our own.


Source: NariNari