First Kitchen is a Japanese fast-food chain that has been rapidly expanding in the Kanto and Kinki areas. Readers in Japan have probably been to a First Kitchen at least once, but did you know that there is a branch with phenomenal views that rival high-end resorts and skyscraper restaurants?

This very special First Kitchen is to be found in Kamakura’s Shichirigahama District, on the seaside south-west of Tokyo. On a clear day from the deck in front of the restaurant, Mount Fuji presides over a lovely ocean vista dotted by Enoshima and the Izu Islands. First Kitchen is generally found in busy city centers, but here, you can savor the view along with the food.

There is lots of outdoor seating available on the deck, so you can enjoy your hamburger while gazing at Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji, the sparkling ocean, and the distant green islands.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, we asked the staff if there were any menu items only available at the Shichirigahama branch. It turns out there is: the Hawaiian Double Bacon and Egg Burger. Yum! Stay tuned for our review of that culinary treat.

Kanagawa, Kamakura
Shichirigahama-Higashi 2-1-12

Weekdays 11am-6pm
Weekends and holidays 9am-7pm

New Years Hours:
Jan 1 4am-6pm
Jan 2 9am-6pm
Jan 3 9am-6pm
Jan 4 9am-6pm
Jan 5 9am-6pm

Watch out for thieving birds!

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