In the bird world, the undisputed masters of mimicry are the myna. You may even have seen them on TV from time to time copying human voices with eerie precision, but you’ve probably never seen one quite as adorable as Abe-chan, a pet myna cum YouTube star.

In a video entitled “Abe-chan Somehow Manages to Have a Conversation,” the myna, with its characteristic beady eyes and flamboyant color patches, charms viewers by seemingly carrying on this heartwarming conversation with his owner:

Abe-chan: Good morning!
Owner: Good morning to you.
Abe-chan: I’m a good boy, aren’t I?
Owner: You sure are. Abe-chan, I’m going out. Can you look after the house?
Abe-chan: Sure.
Owner: Really? You’re amazing. Be good, Abe-chan.
Abe-chan: OK, I will.

It’s like talking to a tiny person! Without a doubt, people will be surprised by Abe-chan’s conversational chops. In fact, Abe-chan even appeared on Japan’s public broadcaster NHK recently, and it seems like the number of his fans is growing. No surprise there. Who could resist the cuteness?

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