The human advertisement on the yamanote line

Would you buy a product that was advertised on a man’s crotch?

A few companies in Japan think you would.  Currently on Yahoo Japan’s auction site, a man is offering to ride the Yamanote line, one of Japan’s busiest train routes, decked out in advertisements for an entire day.  His unique service has already received 20 bids.

And ladies, his entire body is up for grabs!  He even has labels (pieces of crumpled paper taped to his form-fitting body suit) to showcase the wide range of prime advertising real estate he has to offer.  What kind of ad would you reserve for the “header banner” or how about the “hip banner” conveniently located on this guy’s bum.

His offer is valid starting on September 23 and for each day of advertising purchased, this human billboard will ride the Yamanote line from the first until the last train.  “The human advertisement” as he calls himself, was found riding the train line training his legs and back in preparation for the 20 hours of continuous standing that is required for this ingenious money making scheme.


The auction started with an opening bid of 2500 yen (US $32) and has shot up to 21,000 yen (US $268) as of 4pm on September 5th.

When a hanging poster advertisement in the train costs at least 100,000 yen (US $1275) per day, the human advertisement seems like a pretty good deal.  Let’s just hope his advertising agreement allows him to take a bathroom break…

Source: Yahoo! Auction via ITMedia (Japanese)