In Koga city, Shiga prefecture on October 3 at 9am a manhole cover unexpectedly shot seven meters into the air penetrating the roof over a gas station’s pumps.  The 36kg lid measuring 65cm in diameter returned to the ground luckily without hitting anyone.

According to Koga police, a crewman was replacing the soil near the station’s manhole when a loud explosion was heard.  A flammable material is suspected to have made its way into the ground causing the explosion but authorities are still investigating the company conducting the construction.

No serious injuries were reported aside from a 50 year-old man who was pumping gas nearby.  He was taken to hospital after complaining of a ringing in his ears.

Koga is home of a notorious ninja clan who’s current leader teaches in Mie prefecture. However, police remain tight lipped on the possibility of ninja involvement despite crazy flying manhole covers fitting their MO.

Source & Photo:  Asahi Shinbun (Japanese)