These new Pokéfuta also mean that half of all Japanese prefectures are now equipped with their own unique Pokémon manhole covers.

We never thought that we’d be saying “Gotta cover ’em all,” but we’ve definitely caught Japan’s love for Pokéfuta, the decorative manhole covers also known as Poké Lids that began popping up around the country in 2018. The one-of-a-kind designs often pay homage to local sightseeing spots or other nods to the regions in which they’re located.

Three new Pokéfuta in Tochigi Prefecture‘s capital city of Utsunomiya were revealed late last month, making them the first in the prefecture and the first in the north part of Japan’s Kanto region. Let’s take a look at which specific Pokémon were selected for this latest installation of covers.

▼ The covers are also set to become Pokéstops in Pokémon Go.

First up are the Electric-type Electabuzz and Normal-type Skwovet, gracing the cover of the Pokéfuta located in Utsunomiya Station’s East Park. Its design incorporates the beloved ginkgo trees found in the park.

Second is the Electric-type Electrike and Bug/Rock-type Crustle on the cover near the Michinoeki Utsunomiya Romantic Village roadside stop.

Last but not least is the Electric/Flying-type Thundurus, a Legendary Pokémon that will keep a close watch on the go-kart attraction located right next to it in Hachimanyama Park.

If you noticed the presence of one Electric-type on each of these covers, it’s a nod to Utsunomiya’s status as a major industrial manufacturing hub–especially of electronics.

These three Tochigi covers bump the total up to 224 Pokéfuta in 23 prefectures, with 24 more prefectures still to go. While we’re waiting for the second half to roll out, we might just have to revisit some of our favorites in the meantime.

Electabuzz & Skwovet Pokéfuta 
Location: Tochigi-ken, Utsunomiya-shi, Motoimaizumi 5-10-1

Electrike & Crustle Pokéfuta 
Location: Tochigi-ken, Utsunomiya-shi, within Ozo 2

Thundurus Pokéfuta 
Location: Tochigi-ken, Utsunomiya-shi, Nissatomachi Hei 254

Source, images: PR Times
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