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It’s a scenario that has played out in so many cartoons: You’re walking along the street, minding your own business when suddenly – ZOINK! – you’ve fallen into an uncovered manhole.

When it happens in the real life, though, like it did to this poor woman who documented the experience via Twitter, it’s a far more grisly scene.

As you might expect from a story involving personal injury and a trip to the sewers, this post contains images that some readers may prefer not to look at while enjoying their lunch.  

The Aichi Prefecture woman’s tweets were remarkably upbeat considering what had just happened to her, even joking that the stink in the ambulance that took her to hospital was far more offensive than the injures she received, and that the smell didn’t come completely off even after taking a bath.

Contrary to what you might have suspected in this time of mobile gadgetry and shiny things constantly vying for our attention, this woman was not, in fact, using her smartphone while walking. The manhole she plunged into was right outside her home and along her regular daily route. Like we all do, when leaving her home the woman quickly switched to “auto-pilot” and became lost in her own thoughts before the accident happened.

The unfortunate Twitter user says there was nothing to indicate an open manhole cover and she was simply doing her regular thing until suddenly finding herself waist-deep in poop. Again keeping a positive attitude, she was simply thankful that the hole wasn’t deeper, and we have to assume she’s in line for a little pay day courtesy of her municipal government. The fact is, this could have been a far more tragic story and she was lucky to come away with only minor injuries and a little embarrassment.

We can probably all learn from this woman’s luckily humorous accident and be sure to pay more attention to where we’re going, even if we have taken the same route for years. Even without burying our faces in our mobile devices we must always be aware of our surroundings and all the potentially poop-filled pitfalls they contain.

For example, at the very end of this article is a really disgusting close-up of the woman’s feces-covered feet. If you didn’t pay attention to this and scrolled right through, you would have gotten the full brunt of the grossness. That’s how we teach you things: with poop.

Source: Twitter via Byokan Sunday (Japanese)
Inset Image: Twitter
Bottom Image: Twitter