Taking care of a pet is hard work. You have to remember to feed it, clean up after it, and at the very least, acknowledge its existence. Even the number one low maintenance pet, a fish, turns into a burden after you forget to change the sludgy green water that your poor fish is no longer gliding, but trudging through thanks to the algae-filled, jelly-like consistency (shame on you!).

Lazy pet-lovers rejoice! Finally, a “pet” you can accidentally forget about without any consequences. Introducing Robo Fish, the next generation of pet care giving. Invented in Japan by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S., these little robotic fish are made to look like the real thing.  We noticed a small crack where the tail joint meets the body, but the fish’s movements is very realistic.  They even look as if they are searching for and eating food, bobbing up and down on the floor of the tank.

You can even buy them on Amazon Japan at 2900 yen (US $37) per fish.

What happens when these robo-fish develop a consciousness and go on a killing-spree to avenge the hordes of fish you sent to a swirly, porcelain grave? At least these robo-fish are small. We’ll start worrying when a robo-shark or at least a robo-ill-tempered mutated sea bass is developed. We’re screwed if they figure out how to attach “frickin’ laser beams” to their “frickin’ heads.”

Source: ITmedia