Some legendary Pokémon make their Pokéfuta debut as well.

Pokéfuta (or “Pokélids” in English), the decorative manhole covers featuring a variety of Pokémon, first made their debut in Kyushu’s Kagoshima Prefecture, and since then they have popped up all over the country. There are 217 Pokélids currently installed at famous landmarks or places throughout Japan, with the aim to boost tourism to various areas. And while it’s not hard to come up with a reason or two to visit Japan’s most northernly island of Hokkaido — in fact, it’s consistently ranked as one of the best places in Japan to settle down in  — now we can add new Pokémon manhole lids to the list of reasons to head on up to the coldest prefecture in Japan.

Hokkaido is already home to a number of Pokélids, all featuring the fox Pokémon Vulpix. While fans of the series may be scratching their heads over the fact that Vulpix, a Fire type Pokémon, was chosen to represent the coldest prefecture in Japan, the Alolan form of Vulpix, an Ice type, couldn’t be more perfect for snowy Hokkaido. In fact, both forms of Vulpix are part of the ‘We Love Hokkaido Discovery Team‘, which aims to promote Hokkaido to people all over the world.

Eight new designs were announced via a special ceremony on November 8 featuring the two Pokémon ambassadors.

Vulpix can be seen hanging out with legendary Pokémon Palkia on the manhole cover at Shari.

Another legendary Pokémon makes an appearance on the manhole cover for the town of HigashikawaDialga, hanging out with Alolan Vulpix. Look closely below and you can see them running along a river, as Higashikawa is the only town in Hokkaido which does not rely on a public water supply system.

Akaigawa’s manhole cover has a Mime Jr. and Vanillite dancing with an Alolan Vulpix.

Abashiri’s manhole cover features Alolan Vulpix with a Weavile.


Obihiro is the host of the Rally Japan World Rally Championship, and the manhole displays a pair of Vulpix racing each other on a pair of Mudbray.

The manhole cover in Hokkaido’s hidden gem Kushiro sees Alolan Vulpix astride a soaring Decidueye. While it may seem an odd choice as Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost type Pokémon, the design appears to be paying homage to Kushiro’s famous sea eagles.

▼ Take a trip to Erimo, famous for its beautiful cape, and you’ll find an Alolan Vulpix with a Dusk-Form Lycanroc enjoying the view.

And finally, an ice-type Pokémon party with Alolan Vulpix, Cubchoo and two Eiscues playing in the snow can be found at Asahikawa. Asahikawa is home to a zoo with a famous penguin exhibit, so it’s only fitting that the penguin Pokémon Eiscue is on the Pokéfuta.

This brings the total number of Pokéfuta in Hokkaido up to 34, making it the second-most Pokéfuta populated prefecture after Miyagi Prefecture, which has 35 covers to discover. You can see the full list of available Pokélids and where to find them on the official website, but if Hokkaido seems too chilly for you at this time of year, why not try something a little further south?

Source: PR Times
Images: PR Times, Pokemon Manhole
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