Lots of Vulpix love in this batch!

Jumpstarted in 2018, Pokémon have popped up all over Japan in the form of commemorative manhole covers, dubbed Pokéfuta or “Pokélids” in English. Pokélids feature some of the fandom’s biggest favorites, and many pay homage to the cities where they’re installed, spotlighting beautiful local scenery and cultural references. And while Hokkaido is home to 19 unique, eye-catching Pokémon-themed manhole covers, it will soon be home to seven more Pokélids featuring Vulpix and its dazzling Alola version.

▼ With much fanfare and two Vulpixes caught in the wild, the Pokélids were revealed at one of Hokkaido’s historic official government buildings.

▼ A close-up of the revealed Pokélids.

The seven new Pokélids are scheduled to be installed this coming summer, and engraved into them are reflections of Hokkaido’s diverse landscapes, including visuals such as a gorgeous array of northern lights and picturesque hay silos, all accompanied by Vulpix, Alola Vulpix, and friends.

▼ Left: Pokélid for the city of Hakodate (Alola Vulpix and Togekiss)
Right: Pokélid for Otaru (Alola Vulpix)

▼ Left: Nemuro (Alola Vulpix and Mr. Rime)
Right: Noboribetsu (Bewear and Vulpix)

▼ Left: Honbetsu (Vulpix and Ditto transformed into Vulpix)
Right: Rikubetsu (Bergmite and Alola Vulpix)

▼ Nakashibetsu (Combusken and Vulpix)

Similar to previous Pokélids installed, these seven Pokélids will be rendered into PokéStops on Pokémon Go, so be sure to bring your phone with you, whether you’re trying to find them all or only visiting Pokélids with your favorite Pokémon. After all, given the fact that there’s now 26 Pokélids total in Hokkaido, that’s a sizable number of PokéStops to hit up!

▼ A spread of all 26 Pokélids in Hokkaido Prefecture.

For more coverage and info on the other Pokélids in the country, check out the fabulous ones here in Miyazaki Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture. You can also check for the locations of the other Pokélids on the official Pokélid website here.

Source, images: PR Times
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