Following a number of reddit users fawning over the greenery topped architecture of Namba Parks, this photo of a tiny single car parking complex also made a splash in different way.

Located by a pedestrian near Kanda Station people all over were perplexed and amused by this little business.  Many were confused over the inclusion of a vending machine, security camera, extensive signage, and space numbering system – for one space.

For others this lot’s relatively low price of 100 yen (US$1.25) for 15 minutes during the day and 90 minutes during the evening for a major city makes them reconsider their own cities’ parking rates.

There were a lot of users commenting on the business strategies of such a lot saying things like a “company would go to major cities in Japan, buy several odd shaped and unbuildable lots for dirt cheap and then setup parking lots. Although not a sexy business, the company went public for $600 million.”

At the other end of the spectrum some people were convinced that a giant robot or tentacles would take the car into a secret location for storage.  Although that’s not uncommon for Japan (number 7), it’s not going on in this particular case.

Whatever the technical or financial details of these smallest possible parking lots, they are a testament to how valuable space is in the cities.

Unfortunately if you want to check out that particular spot in person, don’t bother.  Another reddit user broke the sad news that all the equipment was already cleaned out.

Worry not though. It lives on in Google Maps and places like in that photo are quite common. People who live in Japan hardly notice them unless we’re looking for somewhere to park.  So if you’re in a big city just keep your wits about you and you should be able to find your very own micro-lot.

Source: Google Maps via reddit (English) via Byokan Sunday (Japanese)



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