On vacation in Tokyo but feeling a little “lost in translation”? Well, if you’ve got the cash to splash, why not make your Japan experience even more memorable by paying homage to the classic comedy-drama of the same name by staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel, considered by some to be Tokyo’s best luxury hotel.

For those who are extremely fortunate, as one Reddit user recently found, you might even score a fabulous night in the suite used by Bill Murray in the movie.

(Scroll down for Damien’s photos)

Damien Slash, a voice-over artist and comedian, recently visited this iconic hotel in  Shinjuku, and was pleasantly surprised to find his request to stay in the suite used in Sofia Coppola’s award-winning 2003 hit, Lost in Translation, readily granted by hotel staff.

We’re not sure how often the room is available for this phenomenal coincidence to have taken place, but we imagine the first thing Slash did upon entering his suite was make a toast to his good luck with a glass of Suntory.


Damien was kind enough to capture his experience in photos and upload them to imgur, including shots from the New York Grill on the 52nd floor and the restaurant’s famous Kobe beef, at almost US$250 a plate.

It isn’t uncommon to spot fans of Lost in Translation around the hotel, but this is the first time we’ve heard of someone sharing the same bed as Bill Murray (or Scarlet Johansson, since the same suite was used for both actors) in the figurative sense. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Park Hyatt Hotel gets a number of these requests weekly; after all, it’s been quite a while since the establishment quit offering the “Lost in Translation” stay packages that were so popular right after the film was released.

Rooms at the Park Hyatt Hotel will generally run you US $550 and up, but if you don’t have that kind of cash burning a hole in your pocket but are still interested in visiting most of the major locations the movie was shot at, Tokyo Fox has your back.

Source: imgur/DamienSlash2 via Lakatan
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