As the summer cools back down to a comfortable autumn, the cockroach index has slid to a 1 across much of Japan. But before they go to sleep in many parts of the world, it looks like our little black friends are squirming their way into the headlines to give us something to remember them by.

We’ve all probably heard the tale of Edward Archbold who mysteriously died after winning a cockroach eating contest in the USA.  However, in China, roaches making quite a stir – by getting stirred into the food.

According to Yinchuan News, reports of “cockroaches in the food” of restaurants have been dramatically increasing recently around the northern regions of China.

Cases like a roach found in the bottom of a chocolate drink have been pushing food agencies to clamp down on sanitation in food based establishments.  It seems a cockroach had been crawling across the ceiling and fell into the drink.

The best of the bunch, however, comes out of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia on October 7.  A man who was dining at a popular downtown eatery was surprised to find a dead cockroach in his seasoned bean sprouts.

Upon hearing the man’s complaint, the chef insisted “it’s just a spring onion!”  Then to further drive his point home, the chef picked up the “leek” and proceeded to eat it himself.

However, after a few chews he quickly spat out the black winged six-legged scallion.  The cook then called for the manager to compensate the customer.

And there you have it! Another fun year of cockroach chaos, and as we dust off our roachbots for the winter we can remember all the fun times man and insect shared this year.

Source: Searchina (Japanese)
Image: RocketNews24