You know that warm feeling you get when you spot a cockroach in the corner of your kitchen.   How about when you pick up the garbage only to find one of those magical little critters scurry away in that adorable way they do?

The problem is that these precious moments are rare and even more fleeting as roaches quickly run into some crack in the wall.  Although you may feel comforted knowing that there are thousands more living inside that wall, it still doesn’t match the pure elation of meeting one of these black bundles of joy face to face.

That’s why Trust Technology Japan has developed Gokiraji (which I guess would translate to Cock Radio but I’m going to call it Roachbot since it’s creepy enough).  This simple remote controlled roach puts a lifetime of wonder and whimsy in the palm of your hand.

A compact controller lets you steer your little cutie in four different directions.  As you watch it scamper with its lifelike legs you will undoubtedly feel your skin crawl with love.  And thanks to the infrared controller you can surprise you loved ones with a visit from everyone’s favorite houseguest.

And if that weren’t enough, Roachbot lights up in the dark just like a real cockroach that’s been genetically modified to glow in the dark.  And it conveniently charges up via a USB connector so the little guy is ready for action any time you need some cheering up.  It’s about the size of a healthy subway roach and prices start at 1,680 yen (US$20).

Be careful though.  Once the person finds out it’s not a real cockroach they will probably be bummed out.  The other day I sent my Roachbot to surprise my wife while she was cooking dinner.  She was so happy as she shouted “Oh my god! What the hell is that?”  However, when I told her that it was just my Roachbot she got really angry, hit me, then kicked me out of the house.

Source:  Gigazine (Japanese)