First new Japanese cockroach species in 35 years discovered by scientists【Photos】


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Japan’s “strongest roach killer” is frighteningly effective… We mean FRIGHTENINGLY effective

Fumakilla promises to kill all roaches in your home, but you have to ask yourself if that’s what you really want.

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Japanese bug spray maker shows it cares with packaging option with no pictures of gross roaches

When you stop and think about it, putting pictures of cockroaches on a product for people who hate them is kind of a weird strategy.

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Keep cockroaches at bay with Japanese bug-hater’s clever, non-chemical idea

Home-made “bombs” aren’t lethal, let you swap insect invaders for a pleasant smell.

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Osaka man arrested for throwing dozens of cockroaches around at anime music event

Suspect of the “cockroach incident” fully admits to the charges.

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Japanese woman shows quick-thinking, marginal courage in clever cockroach-fighting plan【Photos】

You don’t have to kill your foes to claim victory.

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They have teeth in their stomaches! And 6 other fun facts about cockroaches

Ever wonder why cockroaches are so shiny? Well, let’s put our fears aside and learn a little more about one of the urban human’s greatest foes.

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Get rid of cockroaches easily with clever Japanese lifehack

Become a fearless pest disposer with this incredibly effective three-step hack requiring just two utensils.

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Cockroaches in Japan becoming 200 times more resistant to insecticide

Good News! Nature’s most unsettling house guest is getting stronger.

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Tokuyama Zoo celebrates summer with Cockroach Fest!

The Tokuyama Zoo in Yamaguchi Prefecture has come up with a novel way to attract visitors this summer. And by novel, I mean probably insane. Would you buy tickets for a Cockroach Fest?

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Video shows how computers can become veritable roach motels

Hey there.

If you’re one of the 2.5 gajillion readers (Mar. 2015 estimate) looking at this article right now on a desktop or laptop, you might want to grab a mobile device and take a walk while reading this time around.

Safely outside? Okay now enjoy this video which shows what might be lurking inside your computer right now.

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Cockroaches Ending 2012 Season with a Bang, Stories of our Black Buddies Coming Fast and Furious

As the summer cools back down to a comfortable autumn, the cockroach index has slid to a 1 across much of Japan. But before they go to sleep in many parts of the world, it looks like our little black friends are squirming their way into the headlines to give us something to remember them by.

We’ve all probably heard the tale of Edward Archbold who mysteriously died after winning a cockroach eating contest in the USA.  However, in China, roaches making quite a stir – by getting stirred into the food.

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