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Over the past ten years or so, sushi has become one of the most popular dishes in the world and has mainstreamed the consumption of raw fish in countries that previously wouldn’t think of sticking a fork in a salmon without grilling it first. While some people may still feel apprehensive when trying sushi for the first time, it usually only takes one bite of faith and you’re hooked.

On a trip to Thailand, however, one of our reporters found a seafood dish so raw that even the most sushi-loving Japanese might think twice before sticking it between their chopsticks.

The dish is called ‘Yam Goong Dthen, or, “Jumping Shrimp Salad”, and hails from the North-Eastern region of Thailand. As the name implies, Yam Goong Dthen is prepared by smothering live freshwater shrimp with a variety of vegetables and spicesm which are then shaken—and stirred—in a metal bowl, and packaged in Styrofoam take-out boxes.

Naturally, Yam Goong Dthen is best consumed while the shrimp are still jumping for dear life.

Once a regional specialty, Yam Goong Dthen has now spread to major cities and can be found at stalls all around Bangkok. The dish has become especially popular among women, who enjoy it as a quick, healthy and delicious meal.

We understand the desire to have the freshest seafood available,  but we’re a bit uncertain just how sanitary this ‘healthy’ food is. There are reports of people who have gotten parasites and food poisoning from the salad and even among the locals, there are those hesitant to eat it. Even so, a good number of customers ordered the dish while our reporter was on the scene.

If you’re thinking of trying Yam Goong Dthen yourself,  we can only recommend you find the most sanitary-looking shop you can, and hope for the best.

This article was originally posted on March 10, 2011.

Photos, Video: RocketNews24