Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best Prawn Tempura Sushi?【Taste test】

There’s a clear winner when it comes to fried prawns at these sushi chains.

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Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best prawn sushi?【Taste test】

Ebi sushi enters the ring for this latest seafood showdown.

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A delicious bowl of Osaka soba stuffed with tempura shrimp that’s also an edible pun

And it’s not a limited time offer!

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McDonald’s Japan adds first-ever shrimp rice burger to menu in gohan sandwich expansion

Plus the return of one of its popular rice burger veterans.

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Lotteria’s Tsukimi Rib Sandwich joins the fight for Japanese tsukimi supremacy【Taste test】

Moon-viewing shrimp burger and guilty-pleasure cheeseburger also arrive in our stomach.

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Chocolate-covered shrimp snacks make a comeback in Japan this winter

It’s the beloved winter delicacy that fans are pumped for!

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Coca-Cola’s hot canned shrimp bisque: The newest reason Japanese vending machines are awesome

Just when we thought Japanese vending machines couldn’t get any more awesome, we’re happy to be proven wrong.

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Foreigner in Japan gets “scary Cretaceous cookies” at work, Japanese wife can’t wait to eat them

Proof that one country’s horror is another’s hunger.

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Five members of the Bad Lobster biker group arrested by Ebina police

Residents live in mild fear of the gang and hope their daughters never bring a Bad Lobster home for dinner.

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Japanese chef gives customers a subtle hint to say thanks, by putting a sign on his back

What should you do when your customers take your extra large fried food portions for granted? Wear a poster pointing it out is one chef’s answer.

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Subway Japan’s crazy new seafood sandwich packs in a whole fistful of shrimp!

This massively shrimpy sandwich is the latest marine muse of our lunchroom.

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Laze about the house like a piece of tempura with the Fried Prawn Wearable Sleeping Bag!

Whether you’re looking for an unusual Halloween costume or a cosy outfit to snuggle up in, this crazy bread-crumbed number will make all your fried food fantasies come true!

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Here’s what happens when you order US$80 worth of extra shrimp for your tempura bowl in Tokyo

Is it possible to have too many tempura shrimp? No, of course not. Don’t be silly.

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Green tea chocolate-covered shrimp chips are the next big thing to hit shelves in Japan

Japan’s popular shrimp-flavoured snack now comes covered in a coating of dark green matcha chocolate.

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Paying for nothing: Japanese burger chain’s latest sandwich doesn’t actually have a patty

It’s not unheard of for customers at fast food restaurants to discover that the burger they ordered is either missing one of its ingredients or contains something that they asked to be left out. It’s quite another issue entirely, however, to receive a burger that’s missing its patty and for that order to still be technically correct.

But that’s exactly what wacky Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria has done with its latest creation. Say hello the “No-Shrimp Burger”; a shrimp burger without the shrimp.

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We try Lotteria’s new shrimp burger with unique crust, end up seriously impressed【Taste Test】

Alongside tuna (maguro), shrimp is also another ingredient that we love here in Japan. From fried shrimp, called ebi furai, to Chinese-style stir-fried shrimp cooked in sweet and spicy chilli sauce, affectionately referred to as ebi chilli in Japan, there are a host of shrimp dishes widely loved by the Japanese public. The tasty crustaceans also have a presence in the Japanese fast food scene, and Lotteria’s long-selling fried shrimp burger (Ebi Burger) is just one example. Now, Lotteria has just this week released a special version of their popular shrimp burger, in collaboration with another well-loved Japanese snack that also contains shrimp — the Kappa Ebisen shrimp chips from snack maker Calbee. Well, we certainly had to see how this collaboration turned out, and we had our very own Mr. Sato take on the task!

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Mr. Sato sacrifices his hands on the altar of all-you-can-eat shrimp

We all have foods that we love perhaps a little more than we should, but for Mr. Sato, a man whose love of food in general has taken him on many a colorful, abdomen-abusing adventure risking his health and even his sanity, the gustatory passion that tops all others is shellfish. So when he headed off to report on an all-you-can-eat shrimp restaurant for us, we feared for his life.

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Bizarre deep-sea shrimp or delicious sushi? Japanese netizens weigh in

Strange, almost otherwordly creatures have been discovered in the depths of the world’s oceans. But none have ever made someone immediately scream, “I wanna eat it!” That is until now.

Currently the topic of discussion on forums across Japan, this deep-sea shrimp-like crustacean seems to remind many netizens of nigiri sushi.

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Run, Forest! Run to your Nearest Bubba Gump Shrimp for Seafood so Tasty Even Japan is Enamored  【3-D Photos】

How many of you are familiar with the restaurant Bubba Gump Shrimp, based on the 1994 Oscar-winning film Forest Gump? Speaking as a sweet ol’ Southern girl, raised in the Heart of Dixie, USA, I’m well acquainted with both the movie and the real-life restaurant that it inspired. Bubba Gump Shrimp, with its American Cajun-style cooking, has branches scattered all across the globe, including three within Japan. As the name would imply, the menu features an abundance of shrimp, making it an irresistible spot for seafood lovers. Read More

Once upon a time, nobody read RocketNews24 because it was really really bad. RocketRevival is a weekly corner that takes a look at some of our more passable articles from that bygone era that still hold valuable lessons today.

Over the past ten years or so, sushi has become one of the most popular dishes in the world and has mainstreamed the consumption of raw fish in countries that previously wouldn’t think of sticking a fork in a salmon without grilling it first. While some people may still feel apprehensive when trying sushi for the first time, it usually only takes one bite of faith and you’re hooked.

On a trip to Thailand, however, one of our reporters found a seafood dish so raw that even the most sushi-loving Japanese might think twice before sticking it between their chopsticks.

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