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If you’ve spent much time in Japan, chances are you’ve eaten at a conveyor belt sushi (kaitenzushi in Japanese) restaurant. One nice thing about these restaurants is that they also offer many child-friendly sushi dishes on their menu. These dishes also double as foreigner-friendly, so that those who aren’t so fond of raw fish and other seafood can enjoy sushi too.

There are so many different chains in Japan, it’s often hard to figure out which one to go to, but anyone who sees the sign for Sushiro best head there soon as the chain has a new dish that is oddly satisfying.

Fans of the restaurant already rave about the French fries at Sushiro. But when we found out Sushiro had debuted a “Grilled Italian pork bacon sushi“, we dispatched some of our reporters right away.

▼ If you’re wondering where the closest branch is, just look for this flashing sign (or check the Sushiro website)

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▼ Yup, that looks just like bacon on rice

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Behold! Bacon nigiri! It certainly doesn’t look like much. Basically someone took some sushi rice and laid a couple of pieces of bacon on there. With what certainly looks like a disappointing breakfast on a plate, can we really dignify it with the name “grilled Italian pork bacon”?

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At first glance (taste)

As soon as we took a bite we could tell how good it was! The delicious flavor of the grilled pork itself along with the smoky taste from the bacon and the vinegared sushi rice blended into a wonderful combination that just screams flavor in your mouth. With just a little bit of soy sauce on top, it’s a magical sensation that doesn’t seem like it should work so well, but it does.

If you are looking for the flavor of a fast food meal that rivals McDonald’s, why don’t you try the bacon sushi with an order of French fries? That tasty little combo will run you only 200 yen plus tax (about US$1.65) and you will be in fast food sushi heaven. But really, no one should be so surprised at this delicious oddball sushi creation from Sushiro, as these are the same chefs who came up with meat sauce shrimp sushi.

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McDonald’s Japan continues to lose customers, and maybe now we know why! We imagine Sushiro is developing a full hamburger sushi that will rival all the burger chains in Japan, and are even prepared to wager our stomachs on it. But maybe McDonald’s doesn’t have anything to worry about as the bacon sushi is only available for a limited time. You better head to a Sushiro fast if you want to try this tasty dish. If enough people order it, perhaps it will be promoted to a regular menu.

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