Japan has the robot market covered pretty well, with a robot for almost every occasion.  We’ve already seen a restaurant filled with fembots, a 24-fingered hair washing robot, and a $1.25 million boardable mecha.

This time, Japan brings the world a tiny bipedal robot that can ride a bike and balance all by itself.

Primer-V2 pedals its tiny bike and maintains balance by moving the handlebars.  It can even keep itself upright when stopped by putting its tiny foot down.  Robot hobbyist, Dr. Guero, created the little remote-controlled robot and amazed visitors at the iRex 2011 robot trade show in Tokyo.

Primer-V2 even has a little basket on its bike, filled with fruits, green onion, daikon radish, and Japanese sake.  Look at that little guy go!

Source: karapaia