How many times have you ever been running to school late in the morning, rushing to get to class before the bell rings, only to turn the corner and bump into someone of the opposite sex, who you consequently fall in love with?

If your answer is more than “none,” chances are you’re either an anime character or an extremely well-organized stalker. Let’s face it: while there are plenty of situations found in anime or manga that seem like they could play out in real life, most are unlikely to ever naturally occur unless by some bizarre fluke.

Niconico News recently asked 500 of their readers to brainstorm some of the most common examples of such situations. Check what they came up with below!

9. Having your dreams come true – 9.3%
Wow. Way to believe in yourself, Japan. A little dedication and effort goes a long way in realizing your dreams. You know, unless those ‘dreams’ include vanquishing demons or saving the world.

8. An old person leagues stronger than any young fighter – 16.4%
That perverted old man with a turtle on his back? Ancient martial arts master. If there’s one thing anime has taught us, it’s not to let your guard down around the elderly. Which is why I was surprised my grandpa didn’t duck when I punched him in the back of the head. Maybe his chi level was low. Or blood pressure high. Get better soon, gramps.

7. The enemy you defeated becoming your ally – 17.0%
Setting aside that, hopefully, most people in the modern world lack an “enemy” that requires “defeating,” it takes quite the magnanimous heart to forgive, forget and join forces. Taking a wider view, though, you might be able to find a few examples. Just look at America and Japan!

6. Having names for your “special techniques,” even though you’re just playing school sports – 18.2%
Tell that to the Prince of Tennis. Still, it always baffled me as to why I never made the soccer team even though I had mastered “Hurricane Kick” AND Dash of the Wind God.”

5. Getting slapped by a girl after you walk in on her while she’s getting dressed – 19.8%
As one male Niconico reader puts it: “There were times in high school when we would walk in on the girls as they were changing, but they were too busy covering their underpants with their hands to slap us.” (In Japan, you change into your gym clothes in your homeroom)

4. Slipping on a banana peel – 25%
A slapstick comedy staple in America, the banana peel hazard is a running gag in Japan as well (just think of Mario Kart). Given how clean and well kept the streets are in Japan, however, you’d probably have a much harder time actually finding a discarded banana peel than you would slipping on one.

3. A dull, modest-looking girl taking off her glasses to reveal a beautiful face – 28.8%
You could stick a pair of Groucho glasses on a hot girl and she would still manage to look good. Stick a pair of Groucho glasses on a drab girl and it’s cosplay.

2. Getting a nosebleed when you see something erotic – 29.0%
Discussed in length here.

1. Falling in love with the girl you bump into while rounding the corner on the way to school – 59.8%
Unlike arousal-induced nosebleeds, this situation is actually feasible. Somewhere out there, someone must have met there significant other this way. Whoever you are, let us know how it happened— and most importantly, let us know if there was toast involved. 

Can you think of any other situations? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Niconico News