Winter is approaching fast and it looks like Japan’s romance with the color black is finally fading away into softer shades with Pepsi’s newest seasonal flavor, Pepsi White.

Pepsi White will hit shelves on December 11 and will be the last of Pepsi’s 2012 season lineup, following Pepsi Pink, Pepsi Black and Pepsi Salty Watermelon.

According to Japanese distributor Suntory, Pepsi White will be offered throughout Winter and promises a refreshing flavor with a hint of mandarin orange.

Mandarin oranges come into season from fall to winter and are representative of New Years food in Japan, with many people spending their lazy winter holiday snacking on the fruit while sitting at the kotatsu (a small table with an electric or charcoal heater underneath and covered with a quilt) and watching TV.

If the mandarin orange flavor and snow-colored liquid isn’t enough to get you in the spirit, the Pepsi White label is adorned with one of six different adorable snowman designs. It’s like winter in a bottle!

Source: Niconico News