Japanese men aren’t known for being the most romantically aggressive bunch. Many young Japanese women lament over having to take the lead just to get out of the dugout and onto first base.

If Japanese guys are so reluctant to get touchy-feely, you’ve got to wonder: at what age do Japanese people have their first kiss?

 Japanese mobile company NTT Docomo conducted an online poll that asked respondents to divulge when they first closed their eyes and puckered up. The poll was conducted during the two weeks of September 6-19 and received 36,818 entries.

Before we looks at the results, it’s important to realize that dating and kissing as we know it in the Western world is still something relatively new to Japan, a country where arranged marriages still exist and, until recently, kissing was something traditionally reserved for the bedroom. While Japanese women may be ready to adopt the kiss as a form of showing affection, their male counterparts might just need some time to adjust.

That said, here are the juicy details you’ve been waiting for:

■  When did you have your first kiss? (36,818 votes total)

1. High school (9878 votes)
2. Never kissed (6119 votes)
3. Middle school (6021 votes)
4. After entering workforce and before 31 (5771 votes)
5. College (4262 votes)
6. Preschool/Kindergarten (2423 votes)
7. Elementary school (2029 votes)
8. After 31 (331 votes)

Putting together high school, middle school, college, preschool/kindergarten and elementary school, a little over 60% of respondents had their first kiss by their early 20s. 

On the other hand, some 6000 respondents didn’t have their first kiss until after they entered the workforce, and another 6000 or so have never kissed at all. Perhaps these people just place more value on their first kiss than others. But looking at the growing ranks of frustrated Japanese women, general apathy towards romantic relationships seems the more likely suspect.

Alright kids, it’s time to compare answers. Let us know when you had your first kiss in the poll below!

Source: Goo Ranking