Rock legend Gene Simmons has no problem with otaku marrying their 2-D anime crushes

Can’t understand why someone would want to marry someone who’s not real? That’s not what’s important, Kiss frontman says.

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Yoshiki and Kiss to perform together again on Japan’s New Year’s Eve music extravaganza Kohaku

NHK wanted the best, they got the best.

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Yoshiki makes surprise appearance at Kiss concert in Tokyo 【Video】

Japanese star wanted to honor the band that once helped him through a difficult time.

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When do Japanese women have their first kiss? Survey finds gap between different parts of Japan

One rural prefecture starts kissing long before any of its neighbors.

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Japan’s steamy ‘10,000 Kisses’ ad has viewers blushing from cuteness, intense embarrassment【Vid】

Marriage agency Zexy thrills Japanese viewers with a makeout montage both moving and mortifying.

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Exasperated Tokyoite can’t escape Halloween, discovers Halloween personified in his taxi driver

It’s been almost one week since Halloween has come and gone, but one holiday story is still making Japanese internet users smile.

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Japanese karaoke chain offers discounts for couples who kiss in front of the employees

Free drinks and desserts also part of unusual promotion.

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Is Ash no longer 10 years old?! Serena kisses Ash in latest Pokémon episode 【Video】

The kiss heard around the world! …or around Kalos, anyway.

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Japanese dairy sells “kiss-flavored” ice cream, makes us wonder if they’ve ever kissed anyone

We’re still scratching our heads over how they arrived at the decision they did for how kisses taste.

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Chinese boss caught on camera forcing female staff to kiss him every morning to increase productivity 【Video】

Secret footage of a Chinese boss forcing female employees to kiss him on the lips has stirred a major uproar online.

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Kobe police on the lookout for man blowing kisses in public

Police are advising not to approach the suspect who may also be capable of hurling complements or playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel from a distance.

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Chinese street vendor plants a kiss on police officer’s lips during arrest【Video】

“Make love, not war,” right?

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New ukiyo-e print from KISS delivers awesome, traditional(ish) art

These ukiyo-e prints will appeal to more than just fans of the band!

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Adventures in kissing your feline friends: Futile or fruitful? 【Video】

Pet owner doesn’t understand why his cats don’t want to show their love like people do.

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Justin Bieber kisses two of Japan’s most popular idols, breaks the hearts and minds of their fans

Two pecks on the cheek, far, far more angry idol otaku.

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Anime girlfriend kiss-flavored candy: The lonely otaku’s new favorite snack?

Does best girl taste best, too?

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Boy sends granny packing as she attempts to steal a kiss 【Video】

Many teenage boys daydream about some beautiful older woman planting her red lips on their own, but one young man in China found himself the recipient of unwanted advances recently, when a woman old enough to be his grandmother appeared to go in for a kiss while the two of them stood alone in an elevator.

Thankfully, the young man knew exactly how to respond.

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When you’re feeling down, there’s nothing like a kiss on the lips to lift your spirits, but not everyone has a consenting lip-lock partner nearby. According to one manga, though, you don’t even need another person, because there’s a trick that’ll let you make out with your own forearm.

But is this one-person romantic gesture a viable substitute for actual companionship, or more pervy manga snake oil? We decided to investigate.

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Kissable coffee cup lids in South Korea bring extra love and awkwardness to every cup

Do you love coffee? Like, really love it? Are you running short on ways to express your true feelings to your latte every morning? Have you ever wanted to make out with your hot beverage friend?

Well now thanks to “Take Kiss Out” coffee lids, you can! Whether you need a pick-me-up peck in the morning, a mid-afternoon make out session, or a snogging at sunset, just snap one on to your coffee and enjoy a hot wet kiss anytime.

Will Take Kiss Out lids be the next big thing, or will we all be friend-zoned by our frappucinos? Read on to find out!

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Kiss-signed Japanese calligraphy works on sale, get the paperwork for a second mortgage ready

As you may have noticed, KISS have recently made their way back to Japan and it’s always a treat when they do. This year we’ve already seen them make a well-received cross-genre music video with Momoiro Clover Z and release a line of skin smoothing facepacks with the Japanese cosmetic brand Isshin.

If those weren’t surprising enough, now KISS has collaborated with shodo calligrapher Ryugen Sobukawa for a limited collection of KISS-themed works each autographed by a member of the band.

Oh, and they cost a small fortune…

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