“Dear, you’ve got a little something on your face….”

McDonald’s has been getting pretty spicy lately with its advertisements. We’ve seen them offer up “Adult Cream Pies” just two months ago, and before that were their straws designed to mimic the feeling of drinking breast milk.

And now McDonald’s Thailand has entered the fray of titillating ads, with these recent ones posted on Facebook:

▼ Oh my! Are they advertising McDonald’s as a great place to kiss? Or go on a date?

I’ll admit, it took me way too long to figure out what was going on here the first time I looked at it. And for anyone else not picking it up right away, here’s the beef: the woman isn’t kissing a person, she’s about to bite into a burger. Looking closely, you can see that her lover’s nose and chin are buns, and the lips are patties.

We have to say, it’s quite an ingenious marketing tool. The punchline is well hidden and hard to make out right away, inviting viewers to take the time to figure out how it’s an advertisement for McDonald’s, making them spend more time with it than a typical, boring ad. Then, when they get it, they’ll be craving a cheeseburger as much as a kiss from their sweetie’s lips!

▼ There are two more versions of the ad, but the burger is a bit easier to spot in them. Here, you can see the seeds on the top bun…

▼ …and here, there’s something about the angle and size of the burger that doesn’t quite protect the illusion, but it’s still fun.

All in all, it’s a creative ad that shows the power a little lighting and perspective can have.

Of course, these ads are all showing the nice parts of relationships. Sometimes, other restaurants are a little more passive aggressive when they break up with McDonald’s.

Source: Facebook/McThai (1, 2, 3)
Featured image: Facebook/McThai

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