The poll was conducted as part of celebrations to commemorate Kiss Day in Japan.

Yesterday was Kiss Day in Japan (so-called as the first kiss scene screened in Japanese cinema was shown on this day in 1946, in the film Hatachi no Seishun) and to celebrate, Internet survey site Minna no Koe decided to conduct a poll delving into the subject of first kisses.

So when do people in Japan usually feel like puckering up? On the first date? The third? Or do they prefer to wait until their wedding day? Well, the results point to all the above so let’s dive right in and take a look at the responses below!

When do you share a first kiss with your date?

This is the question that everyone wants the answer to, and as it turns out, there’s not much difference between the top two responses.

1. On the third date (2,127 people)

2. On the first date (1,753 people)

3. On the second date (1,146 people)

4. On or after the fifth date (910 people)

5. Upon marriage (184 people)

After tallying up a total of 6,510 responses, it turns out that 33 percent of people surveyed are more likely to lean in for a kiss on the third date. Surprisingly, a lot of singles don’t shy away from kissing on the first date either, with this option coming in at second place with 27 percent of votes. There’s not much action on the second date by comparison, which suggests this might be the time when your date has either decided they’re not interested in taking things further, or are holding out until they’re certain on the third date.

▼ And for 184 people surveyed, you won’t be getting to first base without putting a ring on it.

Looking into the results by sex show that the top two responses for men and women were the same, with the third date being the most popular (33 percent and 34 percent, respectively) and the first date next in  place (22 percent and 24 percent).

When looking at the age categories, it’s clear that the top two responses also rang true for people in their teens, twenties, fourties, fifties, and sixties. However, for the 30-somethings, there was a different response.

For respondents in their thirties, kissing on the first date was most common, coming in with 30 percent of the vote. This was followed by the third date (24 percent), then the second date (16 percent), and then on or after the fifth date (13 percent), and finally “after deciding to get married” (6 percent).

So if you’re out on the dating scene in Japan, it looks like it only takes a few dates to lock lips with your partner, providing they’re into you, of course. And sometimes, you might luck out with that special someone who prefers to wait until they walk down the “Virgin Road” on their wedding day.

Source: Minna no Koe