Pigtails, or “twin tail” as it’s called in Japan, is a hairstyle typically seen on cute little girls.  However, “twin tails” are making a comeback in Japan and women of all ages are enjoying the adorable double-ponytail style.  The pigtail hairstyle has gained so much popularity that it has even inspired the creation of a national association.

On November 11, The Pigtail Association of Japan will release an entire photo album dedicated to cute girls wearing their hair in pigtails.  The album, titled “Sunny Day and Twin Tail” contains 204 full-color pages and will be sold for 2520 yen (US $31.70).

A cute girl in a school uniform stuffs her cheeks with melon bread while leaning against a chain link fence, black pigtails flowing down her back.  A smiling girl in a yukata is pictured by the waterside at twilight, brown pigtails resting on her shoulders.  Dressing gowns, bathing suits, street clothes…girly pigtail models are seen in a variety of costumes, posing in romantic situations. The 11 girls appearing in the photo album range from professional models, Rina Tanaka and Monaka Nishi, to girls who have never modeled before.

The project’s main organizer, The Pigtail Association of Japan, published the book under the concept, “more beautiful, more energetic, more fun in pigtails.”  You can even catch a new pigtail snapshot everyday over at TwinTail Project Japan.

“Sunny Day and Twin Tail” is a passionate photo album that captures twin tails in action.  “We wanted to take photos of the girls with relaxed facial expressions,” commented one photographer after disclosing that shooting took seven months to complete.

Don’t have a twin tail girl to call your own? Why not cuddle up with “Sunny Day and Twin Tail” and these eleven adorable young ladies.

Source: ITmedia