Grab your most fashionable hair ties and strike a doe-eyed pose, it’s time to enjoy the best of this year’s Twintail Day!

I think we can all agree that 2018 was a long, long year, with lots of dramatic news and rapidly changing trends in pop culture – but while we made sure to document a lot of special days along the way, we happened to neglect one of the most important holidays for fans of adorable hairstyles.

That’s right: February 2 2018, a.k.a “Twintail Day”, went sadly unremarked upon. But now it’s 2019, and we scoured the super sweet snaps of social media to bring you the most sweetest pigtail selfies we could spot. Pigtails have a reputation in Japan for being adorably innocent, and there’s even a committee dedicated to the promotion of this girlish hairstyle.

Starting out strong we have college student idol Mayu Kameda, sporting a fresh and pretty pair of pigtails.

Then Yurika Nozaki of the idol group ~cerisier~ strikes the cutest pout in the world, surrounded by teddy bear stickers.

Model Tina Tamashiro‘s photo collection had her looking fresh-faced and dewy-eyed, too.

Fans of actress Kasumi Arimura uploaded her twintail shot a day late, but how can we not forgive them with that smile?

Naomi Majima, singer, actress and gravure model, keeps things simple with a fresh selfie or three.

Mayu Yoshikawa of upupgirls2 complements her pretty pigtails with a cute sweater.

Model and cosplayer Shiori‘s shots feel like something out of a dreamy indie film.

Speaking of cosplay, Chinese cosplayer SiuTao decided to channel fictional YouTuber Kaguya Luna for the special occasion.

Cosplayer Amatsu mixes sexy and sweet in her photo shoot.

Is it cosplay when you play the character? Actress Moeka Koizumi included a snap of her dressed up as Nana “Banana” Daiba, who she plays in the stage play of Revue Starlight.

Meanwhile, Kaori Sakurana spices up the innocent image with this luxurious lingerie snap.

Naturally there were artists and creatives who joined in on the fun too, so all manner of cute anime girls got to wear their pigtails with pride. Some characters who lacked pigtails of their own got to have a little dress-up session, like cute fruit kitty Bananya:

▼ In the name of the fruitbowl, I’ll make you pear-ish!

Twintail Day may have come and gone, but we at SoraNews24 recommend you indulge your passion for pigtails all year long. And if there’s a special lady in your life, why not go ask her on a date by recommending a new hairdo?

Source: Twitter, Instagram
Featured image: Instagram/mayu_yoshikawa_uug2ki