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Onesie for gamers comes with ‘toilet mode’, has Japanese Twitter in stitches

The product claims to help users via “amazingly speedy butt release and butt cleanup“, which pretty much says it all.

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These comfy pajama suits are for the gamers! Wrap up warm as you rack up points

The Damegi 4G series comes with a bunch of cushy features to keep your extremities toasty warm.

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Twintail Day 2019: A round-up of the cutest pig-tailed snaps on Japan’s social media

Grab your most fashionable hair ties and strike a doe-eyed pose, it’s time to enjoy the best of this year’s Twintail Day!

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Japanese bodybuilder becomes world-famous on Twitter, but not for his swole bod

Instead he’s been tweeted all over the world for his (partially) convincing transformation into a pretty girl.

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Eyedrops are kawaii! Medicine company creates anime of eyedrop ingredients as cute girls【Video】

“We are EYEDROPS! Sworn to protect planet Eye!”

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Live out Disney fantasies with the new “mermaid tour” experience in Japan

These gorgeous bikini-clad sirens reveal what’s in store for tourists, who can now dress and swim as mermaids in the pool this summer.
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Underwater Knee High Girls appear in new exhibition celebrating soft thighs and kaiju monsters

Nobody combines classic monsters and knee-high socks like Japan.

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Japanese lingerie brand brings out new line of swimsuits for women with petite breasts

The gorgeous lineup includes “Twinkle Angel” and “Petite Swan” designs.

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Japanese naked restaurant lifts age and weight restrictions

After making international headlines for its strict entry policy, The Amrita has made a number of surprising changes to their nude dining experience.

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Cosplayers and models share selfies to celebrate Bikini Day in Japan

Women in Japan and across the world commemorated the 70th birthday of the bikini on July 5 by showing off their beach bodies on the internet.

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Japan’s first “naked restaurant” to open in Tokyo with age and weight restrictions

Tokyo’s version of the naked dining experience is slightly different to its overseas counterparts.

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She’s cute, but… Three types of girls to watch out for when dating in Japan【Video】

Here are three dating deal breakers in Japan that you shouldn’t ignore, even if you’d give her appearance a perfect 10.

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Japanese Twitter user illustrates the difference between schoolgirl uniforms in major cities

According to the artist, Tokyo and Niigata compete for the shortest skirt of all.

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Ease your Christmas loneliness with idol singer Santa cosplay 【Photos】

J-pop vocalists dress up as Miss Claus.

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Japanese cosmetic artist posts photo with only half her face made up, internet freaks out【Pics】

“Oh my god, it’s like she’s two people at once!”

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Shangrila, a maid cafe staffed exclusively by cute “plump” girls, opens in Akihabara【Pics】

We’ve seen all kinds of maid cafes all over Japan, from ones that specialize in zombie girls to ones where the girls seductively make rice balls right in front of you. But one type of maid cafe that has been sorely lacking is one dedicated to girls with a fuller figure, the kind of girls known in Japan by the playful monicker of marshmallow girls.

But all that changes now! Shangrila is a maid cafe that recently opened in Akihabara, and it will be staffed completely by more well-rounded young women. What kind of stuff does a cafe like this have in store for its customers? Read on to find out!

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“Miyako” – one of the most beautiful, feels-inducing Japan videos you’ll ever see【Video】

If you’ve ever visited Japan, chances are your first stop in the country has been a big, bustling metropolis like Osaka or Tokyo. While the enormous flat screens, heaving intersections and impressive skyscrapers make for some memorable photo moments, it’s the serene, picturesque country towns that really hold the true essence and beauty of Japan.

For those of us who can’t make a trip out to soak in the serenity of the countryside, there’s a short, three-and-a-half minute film that will transport us there. If you loved Chihiro’s tranquil train ride in the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away, you’ll love this touching video, which introduces us to a stationmaster called Miyako, who waves at all her departing passengers—and keeps waving until they disappear into the horizon—showing us just how moving a simple gesture can be.

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Japanese actress Mina Fujii is the most searched keyword in Korea and it’s not hard to see why

When it comes to women, we have a pretty good idea of what Japanese netizens like. They like young shogi players, dancing streamers, and… women who use poop makeup? Sure, why not.

But what about Korean netizens? What do they like? According to search engine results in Korea, right now the number one most searched topic in Korea is Mina Fujii, a Japanese actress. Why is this Japanese actress the current hot topic in Korea? Read on to find out!

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Live streamer Miu-san gets super popular overnight for reason we can’t quite put our finger on…

Oh the internet. With the sum of all human knowledge available at our fingertips, and people all over the world connected together instantaneously, we have truly produced some incredible creations like… pictures of funny animals, cute girls, and lots and lots of trolling.

And nowhere is our refined internet taste more evident than the latest internet craze in Japan: a girl kind of just doing whatever in front of a camera. In just four days she’s amassed a following of over 100,000 viewers on video and streaming site Niconico, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down from there.

What makes her videos so popular? I think we might have an idea… or two.

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