The Twin Tail Association of Japan

Meet Hikari Takiguchi, the “once-in-2000-years” twin-tailed idol 【Photos】

Remember Twintail Association Japan, the pro-cute organisation dedicated to all things adorable and pigtail-related? Last year they launched the idol group drop, a four-piece girl group who add “pigtail-wearing” to the usual idol skill-set trinity of singing, dancing, and smiling for the camera.

And one group member in particular has been attracting attention online for her doe-eyed smile and pigtail-wearing skills. Hikari Takiguchi has even been called a “once-in-2000-years idol”! (We’re going to assume that sounds a bit snappier in Japanese than it does in English).

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Twin Tail Day makes Twitter a paradise for guys in Japan【Photos】

You may not have known, but February 2 was Twin Tail Day in Japan. Silly as it may sound, this day commemorating the pigtail hairstyle is in fact an official day recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association. The date, 2/2, was chosen because the shape presented by hair done up in a twin tail style resembles the number “2”. There are few traditions associated with this strange holiday, but the most common is to post pictures of yourself wearing your hair in pigtails on Twitter. Let’s take a look at just a few of the top trending pictures of girls celebrating Twin Tail Day. You’re welcome.

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“Sunny Day and Twin Tail,” World’s First Pigtail Photo Album Released by The Pigtail Association of Japan

Pigtails, or “twin tail” as it’s called in Japan, is a hairstyle typically seen on cute little girls.  However, “twin tails” are making a comeback in Japan and women of all ages are enjoying the adorable double-ponytail style.  The pigtail hairstyle has gained so much popularity that it has even inspired the creation of a national association.

On November 11, The Pigtail Association of Japan will release an entire photo album dedicated to cute girls wearing their hair in pigtails.  The album, titled “Sunny Day and Twin Tail” contains 204 full-color pages and will be sold for 2520 yen (US $31.70).

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