Boy that Gangnam Style is one catchy tune.  The Korean smash hit has transcended international boundaries like few others before it.  When I fry my eggs in the morning I “flip’em Gangnam style” and when I’m retiling the bathroom I can’t help but “grout’em Gangnam style.”

One day, a railway worker in China was feeling down about his job and needed to let out some emotions about it.  Unfortunately, he decided to “vent’em Gangnam style” and record it… and upload it to a popular Chinese video sharing site.  You can probably imagine what happened from there – imagine it Gangnam style.

The video starts with the man decked out in PSYlike sunglasses and a railway worker’s uniform sitting in a cramped apartment in front of his computer.  At times you can see a cute kid – presumably his son – dancing in the background while he starts up the insturmental music to Gangnam Style, Gangnam style.

If you don’t know Chinese you probably didn’t listen to the whole thing.  So here are a few excerpts from his rap.  Bear in mind this is a translation from Chinese to Japanese to English, and I’m going to use all my experience I had with my old holiday themed rap crew the Rapping Papers back in the ‘80s to make it flow.

“I’m the train conductor
But once I’m on 3 days I’m stuck or
Other 3 days I’m home
F**ks me up in my dome
‘Cause all over I usually roam
Now I just wanna be alone

Every morning is a mad dash
But my salary is some sad cash
Got me messed like some bad hash”

“Wearing this tie like a sucker’s sash
Maybe I’ll use it to hang my own ass”

Lyric’s aside, the big problem people had was with his momentary use of the old finger 11, aka two-handed middle-finger salute.  Comments to the video were mixed, ranging from “interesting” to “a disgrace to the railway industry.”  However, one thing was for sure: this guy was famous.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for his higher ups to find this recording and dole out a punishment.  After an investigation they found that the man had previously fought with his wife, had some drinks and was basically “having a bad day” so he decided to let loose with this song.

As such the company let him off with a suspension but he could keep his job.  This decision came down to his work performance being stellar up until then.

I have to say, I’ve been in Dutch with the wife and had a few drinks but a fully written four minute costumed song parody never came out of it.  Maybe I’m just strange like that.

Strange like that Gangnam Style.

Source: Youku (Chinese) via NariNari (Japanese)
Top image: Pakutaso