Series of attitude-packed videos featuring people morphing into breathtaking individuals leaves everyone wanting more.

With a bit of cosmetic and skillful technique to enhance facial features, makeup can totally change the way people look.

And a recent selfie video craze on Chinese social media platform Dou Yin has taken this idea to the next level. Users lip-sync “karma’s a bitch,” a line taken from the show Riverdale, before undergoing complete makeovers.

▼ Watch these metamorphoses in action.

These astonishing transformations are predominantly performed by women, accompanied by Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” track playing in the background. And while they were plenty attractive before, their post-transformation selves are downright celebrity-level.

No one knows exactly how the fad started, but it didn’t take long before the men decided to jump on the makeover bandwagon too.

▼ These handsome lads aren’t going to
let the women steal all the spotlight.

▼ But our top pick goes to this guy’s unique makeover.

With attitude oozing from all of them, both men and women in the videos look like they could belong in idol groups. Japanese netizens nodded their heads in approval:

“The third girl was the most impressive!!! *Gets excited*”
“All the girls were beautiful, but I liked the first the most.”
“The first guy’s too handsome!”
“First guy’s really my type.”
“Something’s not right. I’m throwing my scarf at my computer, but I’m not transforming. Did I do something wrong?”

Whether you’re a fan of makeover videos or not, there’s no denying the style and charm of this Chinese fad. Although when it comes to quirky transformation memes, few can match the sheer hilarity of those from the Phillipines.

Source: Twitter/@im_useless_0, Twitter/@40_KR
Top image: Pakutaso