Are you too busy or tired to clean your home? I’m sure many of us feel that way often enough; I know I certainly do! Well, all of you ladies out there lamenting the state of cleanliness in your homes, there’s good news for you! How would you like to employ the services of the new “Hot Cleaning Men”, now available through the House Office Cleaning Association?

Yes, if you’re really desperate, you can now have hot-looking, professional cleaning men come to your rescue … for a price, of course.

The House Office Cleaning Association, an organization made up of over 1,000 professional cleaners throughout Japan, recently set up the unique service of “Ike-men Osoji-tai” (literally, “a troop of good-looking cleaning men”).

The “troop” currently consists of 5 male cleaners selected from over 100 candidates who then underwent 5 months of training to become efficient professional cleaners. You can check out their pictures below — they all look dandy and wholesome with a bright smile!

So, how much does it cost to have one of these hot cleaning men come and put some shine and sparkle into your home? The price for either a kitchen or bathroom cleaning comes to 29,800yen ($372.50). Not exactly cheap, but it may be worth the expense if you consider the effort you have to put in to clean greasy and burnt stove tops or high, hard to reach areas in the bathroom.

You can even request a particular “hottie-cleaner” of your preference if his schedule permits. Hmm… getting your house cleaned and enjoying the sight of a handsome guy hard at work at the same time doesn’t sound too bad, does it? As a matter of fact, it sounds down right nice. Okay, budget permitting, what girl wouldn’t want to use a service like this?

The end of the year is typically a time when the Japanese do a thorough house cleaning, so these Hot Cleaning Men may find themselves quite busy in the coming month. Anyone interested in hiring a hottie cleaner can inquire with the House Office Cleaning Association (details below), but the service is currently available only in Tokyo and surrounding areas. Happy cleaning, or for the fortunate ladies who can afford the service of a Hot Cleaning Man, have fun watching the cleaning, I guess.

Original Article by: Yayoi Saginomiya

Photos provided by: Shin Hasegawa, Editorial Department of Josei Jishin magazine

House and Office Cleaning Association
Tel: 03-3499-7230

▼The troop looks like a pop idol group!

▼But they have the muscles to do the job!

▼If you have a favorite, you can request the cleaner of your preference.

▼And here are the cleaners up-close. This is Tokio Nakajima, age 25. He enjoys tap-dancing.

▼Next we have Ryoya Kashi, age 25. He’s an excellent bowler capable of scoring over 200.

▼Meet Hayato Takano, age 25. He’s a perfectionist with a bit of a competitive streak.

▼Takehito Uchida, age 28, is the slightly goofy mood maker of the team.

▼Last but not least is Motohiro Fujiwara, age 32, the eldest in the troop.

So, who is your favorite?

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