If it’s good enough for your bedsheets, it’s good enough for your baby! Social media collectively wonders why they didn’t think of it first.

Congratulations on your new baby! While the birth of a child is a beautiful occasion, especially in Japan, it comes with unique challenges: not only do you have to worry about getting to the hospital for the birth, keeping the baby healthy while it’s newborn and then preparing it for the arduous milestones of life ahead. One of the great problems of having a baby is where you can keep your little angel safe and sound when you’re doing other things; soft baby beds are usually pretty flimsy and easy to topple, after all.

Twitter user @mamedaifuku00 provided a handy solution:

▼ Baby boxed and ready to go! (Translation below)

“I laid my baby down on this plastic clothes storage box while I was staying with my parents. Turns out it’s a perfect fit for a newborn! What’s more, because it has the sturdy handles on the side it’s easy to move when I’m cleaning, or if the air conditioning blows too strong in one spot, or even when I need to do a quick diaper change. Also because it’s raised up off the floor, I can easily pick the baby up from it and I don’t worry about rolling over and crushing her when we’re sleeping together. I recommend it!”

In Japan, it’s common for parents to sleep together with their babies on futons rather than have them sleep separately in a baby bed. She continued in a reply to the thread:

“I put cardboard down at the base of the storage box and then laid the Topponcino baby mattress atop of that. When the baby flails her arms she tends to strike the sides of the box, so I lined it with a thick towel. When I came home I rolled out a baby futon to lay her down on, but it’s so easy to jostle accidentally with my feet… I’m a bit worried about it…”

And of course, she gave props where props were due.

“The idea and construction was all done by my father! Thanks dad!”

The thread of handy baby-toting advice skyrocketed through the Twittersphere, gaining admiring comments and nostalgic reminiscence as it went.

“Oh, it must have been 24 years ago now that I did this…? How the time flies.”
“You’re a genius?! I’ve been puzzling over whether or not to buy a baby bed, I heard they got in the way all the time… This definitely convinced me to try your idea. Thanks for the great info!”
“We just put our baby in a kiddie pool, haha!”
“Necessity really is the mother of invention!”

With this problem neatly sorted away, young parents can turn their attention to the next hurdle ahead of them: which kids’ character merchandise should they sink their money into?

Source: @mamedaifuku00 via Togech JP
Featured image: Pakutaso