Poll asks Japanese fans to name their favorite depressing anime

Get out the tissues, because these anime offerings won’t leave a dry eye in the house.

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World’s longest trailer shows former SMAP star play a transgender role in new film Midnight Swan

Japanese movie depicts the blossoming mother-daughter friendship between a transgender woman, played by SMAP‘s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and a neglected teenage girl.

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We are all Son Goku in this heartwarming, nostalgic Dragon Ball Z Kakarot commercial

Spike up your hair and ready your Kamehameha hands, it’s time to kick butt as Goku!

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Anime’s rudest little boy, Crayon Shin-chan, helps pledge support for hardworking moms

Kasukabe station’s anime ad campaign is hitting close to home for many Japanese mothers.

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Animated manga about an old woman caring for husband with dementia has us reaching for a tissue

A touching story made using a few pencils, paper, and a sprinkling of ingenuity.

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New iPhone XS commercial features a tricked-out “dekotora” truck with a tear-jerking story

It’s not just about being flashy – it’s also about serving others.

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“This ticket makes any wish come true”: Love stops a Japanese teenager from taking his own life

A Twitter user talks of how his mother’s demonstration of love brought him back from the brink, and others share their own stories.

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Japanese Twitter artist creates emotional anime advertisement posters, leaves netizens in tears

A tribute to the most touching moments in manga and anime.

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Modern fable of two strangers on the train moves Japanese Twitter users with message of kindness

The story of an old man and a student whose only connection was taking the same train every morning has gone viral in Japan.

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Fabric softener commercial will bring tears to your eyes, ensure you call mom on Mother’s Day

After you get done wiping your eyes, be sure to give your mother a call!

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1 in 10 emotional viewers “cried” at Pokémon Super Bowl 50 advert

The Pokémon franchise aired a nostalgia-inducing commercial for its 20th anniversary during the Super Bowl football game on February 7.

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Tekken & Muse Create Another Emotional Flipbook Animation, World in Tears Again

A few months ago, the world was left in tears after watching Furiko (Pedulum), an emotional flip-book animation hand-drawn by Japanese comedian, Tekken, and set to Muse’s epic track, Exogenesis. The video, which recounts the story of a couple’s life together and the heartbreaking efforts of the husband who tries to stop the pendulum of time, currently has 1,052,622 views on YouTube. As our writer describes, “the video managed to pack as much genuine feeling and emotion into three minutes as most hollywood blockbusters in two hours.”

Tekken and Muse are back together once again to give the world another four minutes of emotion with Follow Me, a story about the unborn child that brought a couple together and guided their fate.

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Chinese man sold his own child away to bring up someone else’s child

We’ve all heard the stories of Chinese parents selling away their babies. Some do so because the government allows only one child per family, and they would rather have a son than a daughter. Some do so because they are too poor to support a child. Some do so in order to fund their online gaming habits.

But this 72-year-old Chinese man from Chongqing, he sold away his daughter in order to bring up someone else’s daughter.

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Flip-Book Animator Strikes Again with Emotional New Music Video

Just last week we featured the work of Japanese comedian and animator Tekken when British band Muse adopted his heart-rending flip-book animation Pendulum as the official video for one of their tracks.

So imagine our surprise when Warner Music Japan unveiled the artist’s latest animation as the music video for Toshihide Baba’s inspiring track “Yowai Mushi” earlier this week.

The track’s title literally translates as “weak insect”, but we could perhaps better interpret it as “weakling” or “wimp”. Although it’s perhaps not quite as tear-jerking as Pendulum, Yowa Mushi still manages to touch even our cold, unfeeling hearts…

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Incredible Flip-Book Animation Adopted by English Band Muse as Official Music Video

Regular RocketNews24 readers may recall an article we did back in March this year that introduced us to Furiko (Pendulum), the flip-book animation hand-drawn by eccentric Japanese comedian Tekken that had us all welling up with tears.

The video, set to English band Muse’s symphonic track Exogenesis, told the story of a young couple’s life together, following them from the moment that they first met through middle-aged marital hiccups before they meet their inevitable mortal end. The video received deservedly high praise, not just because every one of the 1,038 pages that make up the animation were hand-drawn, but because the video managed to pack as much genuine feeling and emotion into three minutes as most hollywood blockbusters in two hours.

Months later, Furiko has caught the attention of none other than Muse themselves, who were so moved that they decided to make it the official music video for their beautiful track.

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