This might be what Toy Story would look like if it were made by Japanese nerds: amazing, fluid animation, incomprehensible story line. There’s even an appearance by Hentai Woody

Check the video, called “The Worst Thing”, below:

The videos above and below were shot frame-by-frame using plastic figures and uploaded to YouTube and Niconico by a mysterious animator who goes by the handle Ugo-Ore Power Plant.

You can check out his (her!?) homepage here, but virtually no information is given about who Ugo-Ore is or why he (SHE!?) made these videos.

Take a look at the rest of Ugo-Ore’s work below.

▼ “Marriage Quarrel”

▼ “Invitation Whistle Bazooka”

▼ “One Day”

Source: Ugo-ore Power Plant, Kotaku Japan