Tekken Muse Follow Me2

A few months ago, the world was left in tears after watching Furiko (Pedulum), an emotional flip-book animation hand-drawn by Japanese comedian, Tekken, and set to Muse’s epic track, Exogenesis. The video, which recounts the story of a couple’s life together and the heartbreaking efforts of the husband who tries to stop the pendulum of time, currently has 1,052,622 views on YouTube. As our writer describes, “the video managed to pack as much genuine feeling and emotion into three minutes as most hollywood blockbusters in two hours.”

Tekken and Muse are back together once again to give the world another four minutes of emotion with Follow Me, a story about the unborn child that brought a couple together and guided their fate.

Furiko (Pedulum), was originally created independent of Muse, but caught the attention of the English band months after its YouTube debut and eventually became the official music video for their hit song, Exogenisis.  This time, Muse commissioned Tekken to create another flipbook animation for their latest single, Follow Me off of their album, The 2nd Law.

Tekken’s latest flipbook, which required 1,440 pages and a month of work, is centered on the theme of “the child that brought a couple together.” It’s an appropriate theme for a song that was composed as “an ode to fatherhood” by Muse’s lead singer, Matthew Bellamy.  With lyrics that include, “Follow me, You can follow me, I will keep you safe,” coupled with Bellamy’s passionate singing and Tekken’s moving animation, viewers can feel the love and emotion that fueled the composition of Follow Me.

Tekken Muse Follow Me

Tekken Muse Follow Me2

The entire story takes place in the mind of the couple’s unborn child.  A sobbing woman tries to slip under the railroad crossing barriers and meet an oncoming train.  Similarly, a tearful man strums on his guitar.  The two are both seen by their unborn child in Tekken’s original composition.

Tekken comments on his own work:

“Hello, this is Tekken.  I pressed my luck and created another flipbook animation. For this animation, I thought the theme of an unborn child bringing the couple together and leading the fate of their encounter was appropriate because the heartbeat of Bellamy’s child is used in the song. To create the characters, background scenery, and townscape used in the animation, I researched the scenery of England, Muse’s home country.  That’s all for now.”  –Tekken

A man of few words.  But who needs words when you can create emotional compositions that can transcend cultures and country borders, leaving the world in tears.

Source: ITmedia

▼ This is Tekken, in case you were wondering.