Regular RocketNews24 readers may recall an article we did back in March this year that introduced us to Furiko (Pendulum), the flip-book animation hand-drawn by eccentric Japanese comedian Tekken that had us all welling up with tears.

The video, set to English band Muse’s symphonic track Exogenesis, told the story of a young couple’s life together, following them from the moment that they first met through middle-aged marital hiccups before they meet their inevitable mortal end. The video received deservedly high praise, not just because every one of the 1,038 pages that make up the animation were hand-drawn, but because the video managed to pack as much genuine feeling and emotion into three minutes as most hollywood blockbusters in two hours.

Months later, Furiko has caught the attention of none other than Muse themselves, who were so moved that they decided to make it the official music video for their beautiful track.

In a statement released this week, Muse praised Tekken’s video saying: “We were so happy to see our music stir up as emotional and moving a response as this. We are both honoured and amazed that our music could be interpreted in such a heart-rending fashion.”

The original video, which ran just under a minute shorter than Muse’s track, has been reworked by both the original creator and Warner Music Japan in order to make it fit, and includes content not seen in the original version. If you have even a few minutes to spare, then turn your speakers up and settle in for the new director’s cut of Furiko.

If you can get through the entire video without tearing up, you’re a stronger person than I…

Naturally, internet users were blown away by the news that a band as big as Muse would be so impressed with a video that they’d adopt it as their own, let alone rework it. Online message boards and Twitter feeds alike soon exploded with activity as people took to their keyboards to express their opinions on the new, full-length edit of the already celebrated creation:

“It’s an amazing video. I remember being so moved when I saw this for the first time, but seeing it again actually reduced me to tears.”

“Tekken’s the man. This is wonderful stuff.”

“It’s great to think that this video has become so successful thanks to word of mouth and people spreading it on YouTube.”

“This animation really was made for Muse’s track.”

“Tekken’s artwork goes beyond the level of ‘good’ or even ‘great’; this is genius.”

▼Appearances can be deceiving. Tekken, the creator of this video.

We can’t wait to see how the world responds to this video, and eagerly anticipate its arrival on TV stations like MTV. He’s certainly a funny looking guy, but as far as we’re concerned, Tekken’s work deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Just for fun, we’ll leave you with a comparison of the original and the newer, Muse-approved version of the video. We’re sure you’ll agree that the additions made in no way take away from what was already a beautiful and moving creation.

▼The original 「振り子」▼

▼The new director’s cut▼

YouTube/warnermusicjapan, nmskanrinin1060 Tekken image by Jugem
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